Finding Meaning in a Grain of Cooked Rice

1 06 2007

what is the mind?

the mind is something we use that takes inputs (what we read, what we hear, what we have remembered) and creates something called Meaning.

Meaning is whatever we want it to be; it is highly personal, and individual.

This mental machine, our Mind, that compares and slices up the world, is our own little Play, a theatre of our own Making.

Different things trigger different meanings; and sometimes we need a stronger input to get the same meaning (turning up the volume when there is a lot of noise)

What is language?  just sound and scribbles on a page; it is the Mind that creates the meaning out of these patterns.

And what does this mean?

it means it’s time to eat my bowl of cooked rice, and cogitate some more.





4 responses

2 06 2007

But life is a bowl of Hokkien Noodles. All twisted and knotted until straightened by the chopsticks of discernment.

2 06 2007
Christ Almond

My life’s like a bowl of Cheerios. My mind is the spoon, and the love of a good woman is the milk sloshing over the bowl rim and messing up my trousers.

2 06 2007

A grain of wheat or rice or corn or hemp is a kind of universe, for it is a seed of new life.

2 06 2007

Cooking it, the grain becomes food for your own life.

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