Both the Rich and the Poor are Slaves: be different!

4 06 2007

Rich people and Poor people have something in common:

they are both slaves.

Slaves to the dollar, slaves to money.  It is always on their mind.

The poor person pays for rent, food, and clothes; there is little else left over.  Life threatens to engulf them at any time something goes wrong.

The rich person never has enough.  1 million, two million?  How about 10?  More investments to make, more returns to be had.  Wealth becomes a tiresome burden; all that money can buy, but never peace of mind.  The dollar calls.

All those in-between have their choices;

how close to the edge do you want to live?





3 responses

5 06 2007

Most people earn more to spend more. Got a 2% raise? Spend 2% more.

When in reality, in this particular example, the raise doesn’t keep up with inflation, so if you get an annual raise of 2%, you should cut your household spending by 1 or 2% just to keep even. But how many people say, “yay! I got a raise, time to go tighten my budget.”

5 06 2007

When a dog chases its tail, what would it do if it caught it?

7 06 2007


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