Facing the Skies after a Peak Experience

5 06 2007

it’s wonderful being at the top!

when you’ve just finished reading a life-changing book, seeing an inspirational film, achieving a long-desired goal, getting married, or seeing the skyline of a new city – these are all examples of the “peak experience”.

something new, totally brilliant, something that lifts you up to a new, unexpected level – the peaks of the mind

the mountaineers described it well – achieving the final summit –

– but once you’ve been there, you can’t repeat it.

Look at the skies, and then, it’s a trudge back down to normality.

other journeys await





2 responses

6 06 2007

Learn to fly, and you can see for miles all the time.

7 06 2007

I love the feeling, deep down inside, when you know. Life is amazing…look at the possibilities.

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