Learning the Art of Empathy

7 06 2007

there’s an old saying: “put yourself in someone’s else’s shoes”

how true

being able to see life from a different vantage point, being able to get outside of your own “skin”, this is a step towards a greater consciousness

but it’s not just about transferring your position into someone’s else’s …

it’s about sensing what they sense, knowing what they know …

then you realise maybe they couldn’t have done things differently, they had backed themselves into a corner over time

they had charted a certain course, and all you have seen is the end point …

then comes an understanding





2 responses

8 06 2007
Christ Almond

There’s another old saying, ‘Put your shoes on someone else’s feet.’

How true, as well.

9 06 2007

It is very true, to put yourself in the place of another, gives you another form of awareness.

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