Women’s Tennis Sure is Interesting These Days

8 06 2007

and on the converse side, men’s tennis is dominated by 2 players: Federer and Nadal.  The others making up the top 10 are just face-less hacks; the likes of Robredo and Haas; they could bore a potplant to death.  Davydenko is an interesting case though; he could be the new Andre Agassi: a methodical machine playing from the baseline.

but the women’s!  yes, more interesting than it has been in years; we had the Williams sisters come on the scene many years ago, supplanted by the two Belgians, then followed by a wave of marauding Russians, the most prominent of which is the tall, eye-catching Sharapova.  Now we have the Serbs thrown into the mix, and the palette is complete: lots of differing styles and personalities, different ages, and highly competitive.  The outcomes and the means are well worth watching.

the French is over this Sunday, followed by the pure play of Wimbledon grass, then onto the hard courts in the US.





One response

9 06 2007

I think you’re being too harsh on the men. Canas is still finding his groove (and beat Roger twice earlier this year), Djokovic is growing into his very intelligent game, and Davydenko, as you said, is consistent.

Clearly they’re being overshadowed by Roger (and Rafa, I guess. But even Rafa is being overshadowed by Roger), but we have a good mix of legends-in-the-making and pretty good players.

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