And they were Despised: G W and P H

10 06 2007

Few public figure attract the scorn that G W and P H do.

They truly are despised.

And why so?

1. they got where they have through money

2. and more so, it wasn’t even their money

3. once they are there, they act like idiots

4. and don’t take responsibility for their actions

5. they are inconsiderate

6. self-indulgent

7. bigoted

8. full of themselves

9. and didn’t see the end coming

Such is some men’s and women’s folly.





2 responses

11 06 2007

I have learnt that hatred bounces back on the hater and so does compassion.

The hardest thing is not being good but understanding why some people are not.

It is easy to despise those who are not like us but that is the ethics of the playground. Adults should have grown out of it.

When we despise those who are not like us it is because we believe our way of thinking superior to theirs and think that if we were in their shoes we would behave as we do now. That shows how little we know about ourselves and about life.

It is right to deter people from driving while under the influence of alcohol. It is right to punish the rich and famous in the same way we punish the poor for the same crime. That is something called justice which is supposed to be impartial.

Hating and despising someone is not impartial. It is turning oneself into an enemy and thus deserving to be hated and despised in return.

14 06 2007

If nothing else, SilverTiger, calling them out should teach others that behavior isn’t acceptable to the person doing the calling out.

Though, I wonder how GW and PH would treat people that displayed the same characteristics.

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