The Peak of China: the Olympics 2008

13 06 2007

We’ll see a nice China for the next 12 months, leading up to August 2008.

That’s the Olympics.

Like their whole system, everything is a little PR exercise, a front, saying what they would like their reality to be.

It’s a deep farce inside.

But they’ll play nice, leading up to this big event, on the grandest world stage.

But China is big.

Bigger than the US:

population, educated workforce, currency reserves, trade deals, land army.

By this time next year, China will be the most important country in the world.  It will dwarf it’s nearest rivals.

It’ll play nice up to the Olympics;

then we’ll see the iron fist come out.





2 responses

13 06 2007

That soon? I had China’s big move mapped out for around five years down the track. They are still setting up a lot of new cities and may prefer to do that rather than flex their international muscles. Having said that, the Chinese have a history of inwardness. They had a great chance to expand and develop an overseas empire during the 15th century. They chose, instead, to turn inward. Will that change and see them follow the /Euro/American interventionist example?

14 06 2007

The problem is only half-China. The other half is Ameri-centric, arrogant thinking that will keep Americans from realizing they are not superior.

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