A Degraded English: recently changed terms

14 06 2007

all languages evolve with usage and the times.

but some words definitely lose out over the years.

some recent victims –

racist: used to be a strong, severe description.  Now, brought out to insult an opponent and stifle any meaningful argument or discussion.

illegal: used to have the same moral force as “wrong” or “unjust”.  Now, it just means someone unfortunate enough to get caught.

war: two countries would declare hostilities and spend their guts slugging it out for survival.  It would start, and it would end.  Now, war is anything you don’t like.

I’m sure there’s many more.





One response

20 06 2007

reminds me of “ghetto” “gay” and “retarded” which are all basically ways to say you don’t like something.

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