Baking a Cake for Doomsday

17 06 2007

1. call everyone else evil (therefore you are good)

2. do evil things (under the cloak of good)

3. everyone hates you

4. everyone does evil things back to you

5. bang, you’ve created the enemy you wanted

this is a recipe that religion and politics has used thoughout the centuries.

it is still being played out today.

recognise the formula and the tactics.

the truth shall overcome.





3 responses

17 06 2007

Yeah, you know what, you’re right, and it’s a great reminder. Tough love for tough times. Bless you, Sheree

18 06 2007

The world reflects us back to ourselves.

19 06 2007
Naughty Heather

Stunning in its simplicty. And its effectiveness.

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