The Imaginary Third Eye

18 06 2007

buddhism postulates a third eye –

located right in the middle of the forehead.

What could such a third eye see?

2 eyes allows us to see out into a 3-dimensional world …

adding another eye, would open up an extra dimension …

into the 4th dimension –


and what is seeing into Time?

that is wisdom,

knowing what has come, and what will come

being able to see the cycles in all things …

the patterns, the repetitions.





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18 06 2007
19 06 2007
Naughty Heather

Perhaps why I am drawn to Buddhism – seeking now wisdom rather than knowledge, peace rather than hapiness.

19 06 2007

We tend to think of time in the linear sense. . .past,present, then future.

In Buddhism, especially in Zazen practice we begin to perceive time in a different way. Perhaps as a loop or a sphere. . .all things are part of the one. Past,present and future are infinite, occurring at once, without separation or gaps – – – this is a totally different perception but no less real. To me that is what looking with the third eye is about.

19 06 2007

Gregor, yes. Altitude can be a good analogy, however. You can see further without obstacles, and perceive what has happened and what will happen before the perspective of the person at ground level.

Infinite altitude, the oneness of God at the beginning and end of time, perceiving all before during and after, is just an extension further in this direction.

19 06 2007

We, in the act of doing and choosing create the past and future.

Choose well.

26 06 2007

My elders teach us that time is a spiral. A young child begins on the outermost part of the spiral, so an hour, a day, a summer is almost an eternity to them. Each year we move toward the center of the spiral, so by the time we are teens our summer vacations have flown. As adults, we say where has this year gone?…and every year becomes shorter because we have gotten closer to the smaller band of our spiral. By the end, of oour time here, we feel as if we are just watching the seasons all come and go so rapidly they blur into each other.
Some spirals will be completed sooner than others, depending on the individual.
The the third eye is the ability to see energy in its various forms. Q.

26 06 2007

Quamela, who are your wise elders and what tradition do they go by?

20 07 2007

They are Eastern Band Cherokee and the Florida Seminole. Wolf and Wind Clans. Q.

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