Research This! – the government says

19 06 2007

Federal funding of research says what gets researched

if it ain’t funded, it doesn’t get researched

think of 100 years of alternative energy research, and think where we might be right now

one major criticism of university research is that grant proposals only get approval if there is a high degree of a positive result …

which means research goes down the same narrow path that has been followed before

safe research is unexciting research. not the stuff really worth doing

universities are not places for free thinkers





3 responses

20 06 2007

Yes, tenure is to protect the radical thinker, but begging for funding keeps radical thinkers from turning radical ideas into radical results.

23 06 2007

“Safe” research is done by engineers, not by scientists.

26 06 2007

Maybe more simply put “throwing good money after bad”. Q.

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