Good Times Ahead or bad?

21 06 2007

an interesting measure of your own mind, to these questions –

1. good times for myself. or bad?

2. good times for my country, or bad?

3. good times for my planet, or bad?

4. good times for the universe, or bad?

how you see the future shapes what you do, right here, right now.





3 responses

21 06 2007

I can’t change myself, my country, my planet, the universe, and I CAN change my way of thinking about it.
In the world of duality good and bad exist, in reality or truth or whatever you would call it, it does not exist it all. You can live with good and bad thinking or step out of that box. I notice when I feel bad, I have stepped back into the box of good and bad. time to change my thinking again…

22 06 2007

Very true. What lens we look through effects so much in this world.

26 06 2007

A good or bad outcome, depends on which side you are on. Q.

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