Monoculture: the same everything!

23 06 2007

ever get the feeling that the world is getting homogenised?

the same drinks, the same cars, the same housing, the same clothes

in the name of corporate interests, selling your product to the world

so everyone speaks english, has exactly the same education

and a city in india becomes no different from one in the US, to one in China

the same everything.

same attitudes, same work, same inputs, same outputs.

one fears for diversity and the rebellious spirit.





7 responses

23 06 2007

Corporate culture is homogenized.

24 06 2007


24 06 2007

Yup, we’re becoming citizens of the world. Do you think it is the fault of the World Wide Web?

26 06 2007

When wasn’t everything the same?

26 06 2007

I am just thrilled to see anyone express disillousionment for the current quest for sameness…I belive it is derived out of a common fear of being viewed as different. At least those who strive to be the same as others, have expressed this to me. Q.

29 06 2007

when all is the same, the same is all. where would we be when everything is the same? We would finally realize that we are living in an illusion, since there is nothing really.

2 07 2007

well, I see that things are getting more and more similar around the world, but at the same time each and everyone of us has his separate personality. And that’s what makes life interesting.
But if I went to India, definitely I wouldn’t like to drink Coke 🙂

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