Is Depression a Spiritual Disease?

25 06 2007

right off the bat, this question only makes sense if you are open to the existence of a spirit

but for those who are, what exactly constitutes depression?

a lack of meaning?  nothing seems worth doing?

if these is a spirit (and a spiritual world) that overlaps with ours, not being in harmony with this extra dimension could cause a break in the chain, a disconnect wiht our power source

and so everything seems grey, sleep brings no solace

but when we are in tune, the energy flows effortlessly –

the spiritual element provides an ultimate meaning to earthly actions and things.





3 responses

26 06 2007

Cannabis treats depression for many people.

26 06 2007

Depression often becomes a spiritual disease. It can also become a habit if not dealt with from a spiritul perspective. Q.

26 06 2007

This is true, cannabis may help bring the individual in touch with the spiritual perspective and allow this work to be done.

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