Character and Creativity (highly desirable)

26 06 2007

two traits not widely appreaciated in today’s times are character and creativity

Character has lost out in the war to Personality.  The media is full of “personalities”, or faces, who can fill in air time with smooth 10 second words.  It may be empty, but no-one’s really listening.  Likewise, newspaper columnists take on the status of gurus, and become a caricature of their own opinions.

True character is earnt through deeds and personal reputation; a building built over a lifetime.  Sadly, the transience and eternal triviality of things makes character almost an irrelevance; one can find true character in long, deeply studied biographies.

If Character may be dull, then Creativity certainly is not!  an explosive, uncontrollable, unpredictable, wild, insane force, the conservatives of this world truly fear the word Creative.  All the way through the work chain, from the humble, lowly, disposable worker up to supervisor and through to middle and higher management, and even into the sanctums of the boardroom, you are hired to perform a tightly defined role; no deviations please.  As the corporate slogan goes, “just do it”, and do it the way it’s meant to be done; don’t you dare be different!

So Creativity dies at the age of 3, and never sees a ressurection.





3 responses

26 06 2007

Charactor is rooted in faith in ourselves…then others can have true faith in our charactor. Creativity is the connection to an unseen realm beyond what has already been done, to what is possible… by just letting go and risking that a creative universe is waiting to be asked its opinion. Q.

27 06 2007

Fear stops us from developing character and expressing our creativity.

Fear is the mind-killer, as has been truly said.

28 06 2007

Ohhh, it hurts my heart to read the last line…

It seems we strive to come back to center when life takes us so far away from ourselves and our purpose, to all the excitement and raw joy of being 3

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