The Concept of Legitimate Suffering; or paying with pain

2 07 2007

life ain’t pretty; it ain’t a cakewalk either

at every moment, we have the choice to make decisions; or we can choose not to

there is free will at all stages

by not exercising our choice. we let others make the decisions for us;

we have abnegated, abandoned our own sovereign responsibilities

no wonder things don’t work out as we had hoped; we didn’t exercise our choice

the result is often pain (here a mental kind)

it’s nature’s way of letting us know we aren’t in harmony

the feedback mechanism has kicked into play





2 responses

3 07 2007

True, we must be willing to make our own choices. Of course, not making a choice is a choice.

3 07 2007

It is impossible to obtain compassion without a measure of suffering.

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