Conceive the Whole; don’t fiddle with the parts

7 07 2007

change has a bad rap


it’s because it’s often piecemeal, just messing with this bit or that

change is needed and unavoidable

but the integrity of the whole; the original conception has to be kept in mind

think of a musical score, and tampering with just one of the bars –

fine tuning it, making it sound as nice as possible

but not considering the flow of music to that point, and after

change here just comes off grotesque and distorted

like many of the ill-conceived tamperings we see happening today

think of the the original conception, or reconceive it

as an architect would





2 responses

7 07 2007

When you are building, look around to see what has already been built.

8 07 2007

See the forest for the trees

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