You are an Indestructible Being of Light – part 2

10 07 2007

1. yes, you are immortal

2. no, no-one can hurt you, there is nothing to fear in this world

3. yes, you are great

4. yes, you are all knowing, just ask the right questions and the answers will come

5. yes, there are forces guiding and protecting you at all times

6. no, there is no eternal damnation, life is about learning and making mistakes at times

7. yes, there is payment for deeds, good and bad

8. yes, creativity and laughter are a threat to conservative forces

9. yes, there is a time of great judgement and change on the way

10. yes, I’m looking forward to 2012

man, I’m taking things to the edge right now.





8 responses

11 07 2007

Speak on, brother.

11 07 2007

And what of pain and suffering and hunger and disease?

11 07 2007
11 07 2007

#7 seems to answer my question. Pay it forward, sometimes.

11 07 2007

A little bit of karmic investment may yield a return.

11 07 2007
11 07 2007

It occurs to me you might find my article on relativistic thinking useful to someone.

13 07 2007

What is it about 2012…

I had a vision about it…

and I wish I could return there.

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