The All Stars and You

11 07 2007

sermon mode on:

“yes, you have forgotten who you are.

where you came from

where you return to each night

you are a great spirit being, immortal, creative, playful

all knowing

and yet this knowledge is kept from you

truly, knowing is power, and nothing is more powerful than self knowledge

how can you act, when the reasons for your actions are not clear?

how can you engage, when you are ignorant of those with whom you engage?

know this, you are a great spirit being, immortal, powerful, indestructible

the light that shines within you

is a lamp of great glowing”

sermon mode off.

ok, there’s a ball game on.  The “All Stars”.  an apt name.





3 responses

11 07 2007

It serves us good to be reminded of this, fore there is a part of us that does not believe.

11 07 2007

I can only act in concert with others who are similarly wakened, for if one is the only one in the room speaking of things beyond the comprehension of all who are gathered, it is truly hard to communicate at all. But when two or more are gathered, we are there.

11 07 2007

Have you made bread yet to know the metaphor of yeast?

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