The Great Mystery of Autism

15 07 2007

why now?

and why in such numbers?

is it purely a case of environmental pollution (ie mercury) ?

or is there more at play?

autistics have been known to display some phenomenal mental skills – such as perfect reproduction of visual scenes or music heard only once

as with all mental illness, there is more than the physical pathways to be investigated

are autistics just too highly sensitive to deal with the world into which they have come? (a toxic environment, in more ways than one)

or telepathic, so they don’t feel the need to learn verbal language? (what a waste of time for such a person!)

or is there a message of dependancy, to look after the weak ones in the human race





2 responses

16 07 2007

If you’re really interested you should check out Daniel Tannet [sp?] book – I’ve just bought it myself.
Best wishes

28 09 2007

The connection between autism and ultrasound technology is very interesting and the use of ultrasound in western nations corresponds to the growth of autism. Third world countries without ultrasound do not have the autism problem even where they are using the vaccines and have a lot of pollution. Something to think about.

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