Climbing the Peaks of the Tour de France

16 07 2007

Lance Armstrong was the MAN.

so many consecutive victories, such an emphatic manner

watching the current crop of riders challenge each other is like seeing the minnows of the fishpond bouncing off each other in a struggle for power – just toothless attacks, no bite, no decisiveness

so it is with the Great Champions –

they show the rest of the pack how it’s really done, the true Art of Winning

it is having Strength, and Courage, and Willpower

it is the Force of Being, the Intelligence to Time

to wear the Mantle of Yellow, and be at Home in It

to be the Leader above the Rest

I miss those days





One response

16 07 2007
Herman Najoli

The winner’s edge is in his mental attitude. Lance Armstrong had the winner’s edge. He approached every situation with a readiness to tackle it and win. I was hoping George Hincapie would really come out and show that he has some bite but he hasn’t lived up to that expectation. Lance never shyed away from displaying his skill when moments of action came. I think it will be a long time before another dominant rider graces the tour.

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