Hitting a Spiritual Wall

28 07 2007

i’ve come across a problem.

a big problem

it is this –

past civilisations (quite advanced ones) existed on Earth prior to the Flood

they may be called Atlantis, but they are the ones who constructed the Pyramids

there was great destruction, and afterwards they seeded the Empires we know of today (the Chinese, the Indians, the Celts, the South Americans) –

they gave them writing and knowledge, and sacred lore

so how does such a Past fit into a sense of Spiritual Evolution?

are things totally Cyclic, the Great Wheel of Time?

I’m seeking





3 responses

28 07 2007

But. Was there a flood, or is it a memory of the end of the last ice age.

Another question. How long do myths endure?

29 07 2007

We came from an island, perhaps.

2 08 2007

Keep seeking

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