4 Layers of Being

6 08 2007

ever since I started getting interested in spiritual matters (more than 10 years ago). I have always used the principle of 4 when thinking about a human being;

these are:

1. the physical

2. the emotional

3. the mental

4. and the spiritual

and thought of these as being ascending layers, separate and quite distinct.  They are a useful way of interpreting human experience and the learning process over a lifetime and many lifetimes.

they can also be used to balance the intentions one has, and achieve an equilibrium of being.

just the other day though, I came across another paradigm of 4, which goes

spirit > soul > mind > body

in this way of thinking, there is a progressive descent from the highest level, down to lower levels.  Moving back up the chain gets us closer to the Source.

it needs some pondering.





2 responses

7 08 2007

As above, so below.

7 08 2007

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