Raising One’s Consciousness – what is it?

8 08 2007

this is another expression from the New Age –

raising one’s consciousness;

so what is it?

is it reading spiritual books?

looking at mandalas and other sacred art?

visiting crop circles?

meditating in a quiet place?

listening to Coast to Coast?

it seems so abstract.





3 responses

8 08 2007

Becoming more aware of oneself and ones surroundings and others like oneself.

9 08 2007

I believe it means to become more aware, to learn how to vibrate at a higher energy level.

9 08 2007

There is no contradiction here. See that for all that you vibrate at higher levels, there are others like you and who vibrate at even higher levels you cannot even perceive, and that this is always true for all of us.

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