2012: I can’t wait!

26 08 2007

well, it’s about 5 years to go now;

Dec 21, 2012

so, what’s going to happen?

every pundit has his or her opinion, every spiritual angle has been examined:

1. the end of time

2. the end of money

3. the convergence of tech and dna (the cyborg arrives)

4. the destruction of earth (and the end of humanity)

5. dna activation and/or ascension

6. return of the Watchers

7. galactic transformation (the end of matter and the physical plane)

take your pick, something’s bound to happen





13 responses

27 08 2007

Everything will already be changed by then.

28 08 2007

Someone always has a date, this to me is just another one. Oh, my the sky is falling the sky is falling …

28 08 2007

Mark, the sky is not falling, but there is a galactic event occurring.

As the seasons change, we prepare.

30 08 2007

It is good to prepare, however to project to a specific date is somewhat naive. We should be prepared each day.

30 08 2007

It is not projection, it is scheduling. Like planning a big party, you know?

30 08 2007

Though I think the date might be pushed back to the 25th, I’m not sure on that. 🙂

7 09 2007

Isn’t it the year 42 now? We’ve got a long way to go

7 09 2007

I don’t know, what’s the index date?

16 09 2007
The Necromancer

Lots of the 2012 meme — are you reading Pinchbeck perhaps?

28 09 2007

It’s just a cosmic new years so to speak. Everything has cycles and previous societies kept track of them. The 2012 date is simply the end of one cycle and beginning of the next. As we all know, one New Years celebration may be spectacular and another quite dull. We won’t know how interesting this one will be until we expereince it.

28 09 2007

engtovo, Yes! 🙂

24 10 2007

I like the site http://www.polereversal.com

They have great discussion forum and news articles on 2012, pole shifts, and the mayan calendar.

10 06 2008

I’d say #3 is the most likely event to occur first by 2012 (although #4 is a close second, seeing the way matters are literally erupting in the Middle East so far).

Here’s a controversial spin on #3: When (not if) it does occur, would you be willing to be one of the first ones to step into the cyborg realm? Many would probably vigorously nod their heads for the sheer novelty of the concept. But what if the speculations are true and that in the process of enhancing your physical prowess, you really begin to lose your humanity?

And ggw, good to see ya again! Time really flies – I can’t believe you’ve gone through three versions already since I last visited your site :O

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