Synthesising a Way for the Future (total sight)

29 08 2007

with our own two eyes, we have a limited view of the world

our own experience, our own perspective –

how much can one person grasp of the truth?

there is a field of knowing out there;

beyond the physical perceptions

beyond the senses;

which offers a library of thought for the seeker –

boundless knowledge of all things, all events;

the universal mind





7 responses

29 08 2007

You have more eyes than two, if you can close your eyes and see.

5 09 2007

I am with Whig. Seeing with eyes is only the objective world that you see. The invisible rules the visible…

10 12 2007

more like, what you cant see is of greater magnitude than what you see with your two eyes?i guess the mind is the greatest of all depths…

11 12 2007

How limited our view of the universe through our eyes alone.

16 01 2008

Ideas man… You move more than someone in witness protection. How about updating you links? I’d love stay current on your blogroll!

28 04 2008

So longtime never come to your blog, you already moved from IM to IMV3…
Great to see your post again~

19 09 2009

Just curious, how’d you built up a little community of people on all your blogs? Your posts are nice, but they aren’t insanely amazing, and I can’t see how you get so many comments. ???

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