Robotic Programming: education and the media

22 08 2007

want to become a robot?

go to school, and watch tv;

there you go, you now have a human robot:

school: 5-25 years of age

media: birth to death (for everyone)

you are awash in this sea of information, of propaganda

everywhere you go, everywhere you turn

everything you see, everything you hear

it’s all been programmed for a purpose

this is a controlled society



The State of Tech: June 2007

6 06 2007

Here’s my semi-regular analysis piece on the current state of tech.

1. RSS has foundered:  I’m a big fan of subscribing to blogs and news sites, but mass-adoption just hasn’t taken off.  It could be an interface thing, it could be a conceptual block, but the takeup rates of RSS are probably less than 20%.  It’s just too easy to go from your bookmarks to your favourite sites to see what’s new.

2. Apple in for a Fall:  Steve Jobs has rode his iPod luck, but the innovation engine has crashed.  No-one wants an over-priced, underfunctional iPhone.  A warning: the world of laptops and mobiles will never converge to one device.

3. Laptop Broadband: speaking of which, just as we assume these days that every computer we see is internet-connected, so too will laptops be in constant connection.  High-speed 3G access cards are making their way into the public’s hands, and this will be a hot area in the next 12 months.  Connectivity is everything.

4. TV in for a Fall: if it’s not crashing now, it soon will be.  Savvy youngsters don’t want to be tied to a schedule of someone else’s making.  Sure we’ve got high-def and big sound systems, but if it’s not relevant, I’ll just go to the net and make my own world up.

5. Consoles are Boring: PS3 could be the undoing of Sony Corp, Microsoft has squandered upon millions on their XBox lineup, and Nintendo continues their run-of-fun with the Wii.  I can remember when arcade games were king, who ever thought that world would ever end?  Instead of the next-gen console, we have the last of a lineage.

6. Advertising Attack: where the attention is, the money will soon follow.  And so it is with the net.  Be prepared to see the return of tacky, in your face. online marketing campaigns.  Every website has it’s price, and Google is ramping up like never before.

That’s pretty bleak, but the positive steps always appear out of the blue.  Surprises will happen, but as the world of money continues to intrude into webland, the barrier entries will continue to rise.