Life and the One Great Work

24 08 2007

the most influential books in my life have been one-work authors

or if they wrote more than one, there was a great work

one book that summed up their whole endeavors, an outpouring of considered thought

these are the works that represent a lasting truth

and books were just the way to transmit that information

they weren’t writers as such, as a profession

the one great work



Raising One’s Consciousness – what is it?

8 08 2007

this is another expression from the New Age –

raising one’s consciousness;

so what is it?

is it reading spiritual books?

looking at mandalas and other sacred art?

visiting crop circles?

meditating in a quiet place?

listening to Coast to Coast?

it seems so abstract.


hey dude, where’s my Digital Book?

3 06 2007

it’s time for books to go digital.

put the complete text online, for free.  All books.

But no-one will buy my book!  I’ll starve!

Nonsense.  People buy books, and always will.  It’s the most convenient place to read.  Nothing beats the convenience of a paperback or the beauty of a quality hardback.  Books will always be read as they are, in the physical form.

So why put in online?

For the sake of knowledge.  A recommendation from a friend, just browsing for something new.  Complete the archives of knowledge.  Google has a book scanning project underway, but only snippets of text are available.  Set it free.

No-one reads 300 pages off the screen. (try for yourself at Project Gutenberg and their classic texts).  It’s too painful.

Set the knowledge free, and a new renaissance will bloom.