Every Day is a day for Spiritual Growth

18 08 2007

2012 draws ever closer

great changes are in motion

they affect the mind, the body, the earth itself;

in fact, our whole conception of reality is undergoing a distortion;

a transformation, a transfiguration, a metamorphosis

energy, the relation of one to each other, our connection to the universe;

all is in flux,

be ready, each day is a new awakening,




Creating False Oppositions; or why things never change

24 07 2007

if you want to do nefarious things, you can expect opposition

the answer?

create a false opposition, a fake countermovement, and control it, that way, you will never be seriously threatened

you can see this dichotomy playing out in politics, in religion vs science

in fact, it’s all around us.

these fake banners (of which Michael Moore is one) give people a chance to vent, to get angry for an hour or two, gripe to all their friends, and then go on doing the same old things.  The system itself never gets targeted.

The corporate beast and the government leviathan continue to encroach into every facet of our existence; they own the water, all the soil, the fish in the sea; our birthrights have been stripped from us

the false flag will come down;

in it’s place, genuine change will rise up


You Are an Agent of Change

22 07 2007

I have a circle of influence; You have a circle of influence

All your friends have their circles of influence

We are all interconnected; like the drops of water in a pond

One ripple spreads out in the blink of an eye;

without the approval of government or the intervention of corporate media

We are a unified humanity

when we are ready, the message will sing out like the rays of the sun

transforming everyone, everywhere, in an instant

When we are ready


Conceive the Whole; don’t fiddle with the parts

7 07 2007

change has a bad rap


it’s because it’s often piecemeal, just messing with this bit or that

change is needed and unavoidable

but the integrity of the whole; the original conception has to be kept in mind

think of a musical score, and tampering with just one of the bars –

fine tuning it, making it sound as nice as possible

but not considering the flow of music to that point, and after

change here just comes off grotesque and distorted

like many of the ill-conceived tamperings we see happening today

think of the the original conception, or reconceive it

as an architect would