Robotic Programming: education and the media

22 08 2007

want to become a robot?

go to school, and watch tv;

there you go, you now have a human robot:

school: 5-25 years of age

media: birth to death (for everyone)

you are awash in this sea of information, of propaganda

everywhere you go, everywhere you turn

everything you see, everything you hear

it’s all been programmed for a purpose

this is a controlled society



Not Dumbing Down; just setting the birds free

2 06 2007

Is the world getting dumber, or what?

That seems to be the prevailing notion; when it comes to education.

My own view is that it’s a side effect of the changing media landscape.

For much of last century, the mass media dictated the course of intellectual life; whether it was the front page of the newspaper, the radio headlines, or the 6 o’clock news, everyone got fed the some diet of information.  There was a certain centralisation effect; everyone got pulled to the middle.

The bottom got pulled up, and a cap was placed on those at the top.

Those limitations have now been removed.

Everyone is free to be who they are; much of schooling is irrelevant as it is to today’s digital landscape.

The birds have been set free; and see where they fly.