Life and the One Great Work

24 08 2007

the most influential books in my life have been one-work authors

or if they wrote more than one, there was a great work

one book that summed up their whole endeavors, an outpouring of considered thought

these are the works that represent a lasting truth

and books were just the way to transmit that information

they weren’t writers as such, as a profession

the one great work



when Karma comes knocking

19 07 2007

you can either say yes, “thank you”, I needed to learn that

or you can resist, and be brought to your knees

it’s all a question of attitude


Blockages of All Kinds (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual)

27 06 2007

blockages are like a big rock in front of you, covering the entire road, so you can’t get round it

no matter how you look at it, you can’t climb over it (no footholds), or crawl round it

it’s just a big blockage, impeding all progress

it may be physical (a real, tangible injury), an emotional hurt (being judged or rejected). a mental deficiency (not having language skills or expertise) or even may exist in the spiritual sense (taking certain teachings to their limit)

whatever it’s type, these blockages are truly confronting and life halting.

how do we go on?

1. learning: learning makes us bigger, greater individuals.  we can literally step over the impasse once we have gained understanding of what stands in our way

2. seeking help from others: many pioneers have come before us.  they have tackled the same or very similar problems.  they can help

3. take a diversion: maybe the path you are on is a dead end for the meantime.  back track, and try a different route to the same destination.

Blockages are there as a challenge and teacher in life.


Facing the Skies after a Peak Experience

5 06 2007

it’s wonderful being at the top!

when you’ve just finished reading a life-changing book, seeing an inspirational film, achieving a long-desired goal, getting married, or seeing the skyline of a new city – these are all examples of the “peak experience”.

something new, totally brilliant, something that lifts you up to a new, unexpected level – the peaks of the mind

the mountaineers described it well – achieving the final summit –

– but once you’ve been there, you can’t repeat it.

Look at the skies, and then, it’s a trudge back down to normality.

other journeys await