Robotic Programming: education and the media

22 08 2007

want to become a robot?

go to school, and watch tv;

there you go, you now have a human robot:

school: 5-25 years of age

media: birth to death (for everyone)

you are awash in this sea of information, of propaganda

everywhere you go, everywhere you turn

everything you see, everything you hear

it’s all been programmed for a purpose

this is a controlled society



9/11 and Spiritual Awakenings

21 08 2007

for me, 9/11 shattered all my beliefs in the past;

this was a momentous moment, from now, a new age had begun

1) trust not your government

2) trust not your media

3) trust not the military

4) trust not money

this elaborate charade initiated the final countdown;

the path to 2012


Disinformation: truth mixed with lies

10 08 2007

one of the most poisonous brews around is Disinformation

this is taking the Truth, and mixing it with Lies;

the aim is to Deceive, by using the Resonance of Truth;

the Truth is the Bait, to get you to swallow the Lies

it is most insidious

it is present in the Media, as well as Alternative Culture

the Truth will Always Set you Free


Rupert Murdoch: media baron extraordinaire

30 06 2007

chances are, whereever you are reading this, Mr Murdoch has some stake in your media business

he owns papers around the world

he owns cable tv operations around the world

now, these news rooms and channels are “on paper” independent

but the whole point of media consolidation is to reduce costs

ie reduce duplication

ie reduce the number of sources

different outlets for the same information


Addicted to Entertainment: it’s everywhere!

28 06 2007

breads and circuses of rome, we have surpassed you

we have more breads, and more cable tv channels than you ever did

more sporting warriors and tennis wielding women than your pantheonistic dreams

more distractions than the mind can handle

more music, more magazines

more infomercials and newspaper inch columns of frothy nonsense from places half a world away

we live in a fantasy creation, of false realities

of colors, and changing lights

breads and circuses, I am hungry and ready


Character and Creativity (highly desirable)

26 06 2007

two traits not widely appreaciated in today’s times are character and creativity

Character has lost out in the war to Personality.  The media is full of “personalities”, or faces, who can fill in air time with smooth 10 second words.  It may be empty, but no-one’s really listening.  Likewise, newspaper columnists take on the status of gurus, and become a caricature of their own opinions.

True character is earnt through deeds and personal reputation; a building built over a lifetime.  Sadly, the transience and eternal triviality of things makes character almost an irrelevance; one can find true character in long, deeply studied biographies.

If Character may be dull, then Creativity certainly is not!  an explosive, uncontrollable, unpredictable, wild, insane force, the conservatives of this world truly fear the word Creative.  All the way through the work chain, from the humble, lowly, disposable worker up to supervisor and through to middle and higher management, and even into the sanctums of the boardroom, you are hired to perform a tightly defined role; no deviations please.  As the corporate slogan goes, “just do it”, and do it the way it’s meant to be done; don’t you dare be different!

So Creativity dies at the age of 3, and never sees a ressurection.


Not Dumbing Down; just setting the birds free

2 06 2007

Is the world getting dumber, or what?

That seems to be the prevailing notion; when it comes to education.

My own view is that it’s a side effect of the changing media landscape.

For much of last century, the mass media dictated the course of intellectual life; whether it was the front page of the newspaper, the radio headlines, or the 6 o’clock news, everyone got fed the some diet of information.  There was a certain centralisation effect; everyone got pulled to the middle.

The bottom got pulled up, and a cap was placed on those at the top.

Those limitations have now been removed.

Everyone is free to be who they are; much of schooling is irrelevant as it is to today’s digital landscape.

The birds have been set free; and see where they fly.