Synthesising a Way for the Future (total sight)

29 08 2007

with our own two eyes, we have a limited view of the world

our own experience, our own perspective –

how much can one person grasp of the truth?

there is a field of knowing out there;

beyond the physical perceptions

beyond the senses;

which offers a library of thought for the seeker –

boundless knowledge of all things, all events;

the universal mind



Great Suffering means Great Release

11 08 2007

I have always wondered about pain, and the meaning of pain

both physical, and the mental

how it intrudes upon consciousness, and shapes the very thinking of a person

how it constructs one person’s reality so different from another’s

the pain, disease, a chronic ailment

long term suffering, it could just be obesity

but the physical shaping of one’s mind and attitudes

is there a great release when it is all over;

like a long awaited childbirth;

life giving birth to something Noble


Raising One’s Consciousness – what is it?

8 08 2007

this is another expression from the New Age –

raising one’s consciousness;

so what is it?

is it reading spiritual books?

looking at mandalas and other sacred art?

visiting crop circles?

meditating in a quiet place?

listening to Coast to Coast?

it seems so abstract.


4 Layers of Being

6 08 2007

ever since I started getting interested in spiritual matters (more than 10 years ago). I have always used the principle of 4 when thinking about a human being;

these are:

1. the physical

2. the emotional

3. the mental

4. and the spiritual

and thought of these as being ascending layers, separate and quite distinct.  They are a useful way of interpreting human experience and the learning process over a lifetime and many lifetimes.

they can also be used to balance the intentions one has, and achieve an equilibrium of being.

just the other day though, I came across another paradigm of 4, which goes

spirit > soul > mind > body

in this way of thinking, there is a progressive descent from the highest level, down to lower levels.  Moving back up the chain gets us closer to the Source.

it needs some pondering.


when Karma comes knocking

19 07 2007

you can either say yes, “thank you”, I needed to learn that

or you can resist, and be brought to your knees

it’s all a question of attitude


Boredom can tell you it’s Time to Move On

17 07 2007

boredom is bad right?

depends how you look at it.  Boredom can result from –

1) the stimulus being too weak (not interesting enough)

2) the mind not being receptive enough (lack of mental energy)

in either case, there is a mismatch between the external (the stimulus) and the internal (the mind)

either way, boredom is the result

it’s no good sticking it out, nothing changes by itself, it’s best to move on, and come back later

hope this hasn’t bored you 🙂


Lessons from Yoga for the Human Mind

8 07 2007

1. stay supple – keep the mind flexed and ready

2. internal resistance – the problems and the solutions are contained within (yoga doesn’t make use of external equipment; just the body stretching itself)

3. simplicity

4. geometrical beauty

5. a gradual buildup – poses take practice and are graded towards difficulty.  The challenges for the human mind are also a gradual climb.