Man Reveals Himself in his free time

4 07 2007

how to measure a man or a woman?

it’s how they use their free time.

whether they read, watch baseball or cricket, socialise, blog,

or tend to their family, or count coins, or organise stamps,

or pardon Scooter Libby, or watch Google Videos,

or myspace, or run around the block

how you use your free time is the person you truly are



hey dude, where’s my Digital Book?

3 06 2007

it’s time for books to go digital.

put the complete text online, for free.  All books.

But no-one will buy my book!  I’ll starve!

Nonsense.  People buy books, and always will.  It’s the most convenient place to read.  Nothing beats the convenience of a paperback or the beauty of a quality hardback.  Books will always be read as they are, in the physical form.

So why put in online?

For the sake of knowledge.  A recommendation from a friend, just browsing for something new.  Complete the archives of knowledge.  Google has a book scanning project underway, but only snippets of text are available.  Set it free.

No-one reads 300 pages off the screen. (try for yourself at Project Gutenberg and their classic texts).  It’s too painful.

Set the knowledge free, and a new renaissance will bloom.