Robotic Programming: education and the media

22 08 2007

want to become a robot?

go to school, and watch tv;

there you go, you now have a human robot:

school: 5-25 years of age

media: birth to death (for everyone)

you are awash in this sea of information, of propaganda

everywhere you go, everywhere you turn

everything you see, everything you hear

it’s all been programmed for a purpose

this is a controlled society



You Are an Agent of Change

22 07 2007

I have a circle of influence; You have a circle of influence

All your friends have their circles of influence

We are all interconnected; like the drops of water in a pond

One ripple spreads out in the blink of an eye;

without the approval of government or the intervention of corporate media

We are a unified humanity

when we are ready, the message will sing out like the rays of the sun

transforming everyone, everywhere, in an instant

When we are ready