Synthesising a Way for the Future (total sight)

29 08 2007

with our own two eyes, we have a limited view of the world

our own experience, our own perspective –

how much can one person grasp of the truth?

there is a field of knowing out there;

beyond the physical perceptions

beyond the senses;

which offers a library of thought for the seeker –

boundless knowledge of all things, all events;

the universal mind



9/11 and Spiritual Awakenings

21 08 2007

for me, 9/11 shattered all my beliefs in the past;

this was a momentous moment, from now, a new age had begun

1) trust not your government

2) trust not your media

3) trust not the military

4) trust not money

this elaborate charade initiated the final countdown;

the path to 2012


Disinformation: truth mixed with lies

10 08 2007

one of the most poisonous brews around is Disinformation

this is taking the Truth, and mixing it with Lies;

the aim is to Deceive, by using the Resonance of Truth;

the Truth is the Bait, to get you to swallow the Lies

it is most insidious

it is present in the Media, as well as Alternative Culture

the Truth will Always Set you Free


The Hidden and the Unseen (another world)

14 07 2007

show me an atom

you can’t, can you?

you need a special instrument to focus in to that detail, and even then, it’s a most vague and imprecise image

an atom is more a concept, a crutch for understanding

show me an emotion

yes, with mri scans and the like, certain areas in the brain “light up” under certain thoughts

show me the spirit

sorry, but you’ll have to see a psychic for that one.  These are people with a greater sensitivity to “off-world” things

there is the hidden, and the unseen, more than is being told to us in the “standard model”

indeed, there is lot’s that isn’t being told to us


You Are an Indestructible Being of Light

9 07 2007

I’m not usually into mantras, or positive reinforcement, but this one worked for me today –

“you are an indestructible being of light”

don’t ask me what it really means



Underground Cities and Super Technologies

20 06 2007

talk about conspiracy theories.

actually, in today’s lingo, it’s not conspiracy theory any more, it goes by the respectable name of “truth theory”

so how about the US military constructing some hundreds of underground cities in the case of a global catastrophe or destructive war?

sounds totally insane, but some insiders are coming out to have their say

Phil Schneider is one …

but he suffered a mysterious death.

and how about bases on the moon, and on Mars?

forget science fiction, I’m having more fun investigating the Truth

or, at least, theories of truth