Robotic Programming: education and the media

22 08 2007

want to become a robot?

go to school, and watch tv;

there you go, you now have a human robot:

school: 5-25 years of age

media: birth to death (for everyone)

you are awash in this sea of information, of propaganda

everywhere you go, everywhere you turn

everything you see, everything you hear

it’s all been programmed for a purpose

this is a controlled society



How to Stifle Change: keep people tired

11 06 2007

tired people can’t start a revolution.

it’s the next best thing to mind control.

how it’s done:

1. work – work, work, work, and more work.  The more time you spend at work, the less time you have for yourself.  Work, and don’t think.

2. tv – tv, tv, tv.  When you aren’t at work, you’re at the tv.  The ultimate distraction machine.  Take your pick – drama, movies, sport, news.  Plug your mind in.

3. poor food – everyone knows our food is being mucked around with.  Even before it reaches the factory for mass processing with additives, it’s already been subjected to countless sprays of fertilizer and insecticides.  The soil itself has been poisoned.  Heat it, freeze it, store it for months on end.   Poor diet contributes immensely to low energy.

So through work, tv, and food, most people are kept in a perpetually tired state.

They have the whip hand.