The Indigos and The Crystals

20 08 2007

apparently there is a new race of beings incarnating on this planet

they are called the Indigos and the Crystals

they are more intelligent, more wise, more spiritual

more rebellious, more disease-free, more visionary

they are apparently the Children of Today

come to help change our world

I don’t see it



Fear is their Tool; there is nothing to fear! Nothing!

17 08 2007

fear causes paralysis;

fear causes doubt;

fear calls oneself into question;

in truth, there is nothing to fear;

there is order and balance in all things;

fear is the tool of those who live in fear themselves;

those in the light have nothing to fear


Becoming a Greater Being

21 07 2007

what is the purpose of life?

to become a greater being, more aware, more conscious, more knowing

if one day is exactly the same as the last one, what was the point?

each day is given to you for new experiences, new understanding, a more enhanced perspective on the things that you have done before

it is to grow

to become greater, more compassionate, to let the light shine


Blockages of All Kinds (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual)

27 06 2007

blockages are like a big rock in front of you, covering the entire road, so you can’t get round it

no matter how you look at it, you can’t climb over it (no footholds), or crawl round it

it’s just a big blockage, impeding all progress

it may be physical (a real, tangible injury), an emotional hurt (being judged or rejected). a mental deficiency (not having language skills or expertise) or even may exist in the spiritual sense (taking certain teachings to their limit)

whatever it’s type, these blockages are truly confronting and life halting.

how do we go on?

1. learning: learning makes us bigger, greater individuals.  we can literally step over the impasse once we have gained understanding of what stands in our way

2. seeking help from others: many pioneers have come before us.  they have tackled the same or very similar problems.  they can help

3. take a diversion: maybe the path you are on is a dead end for the meantime.  back track, and try a different route to the same destination.

Blockages are there as a challenge and teacher in life.


The Imaginary Third Eye

18 06 2007

buddhism postulates a third eye –

located right in the middle of the forehead.

What could such a third eye see?

2 eyes allows us to see out into a 3-dimensional world …

adding another eye, would open up an extra dimension …

into the 4th dimension –


and what is seeing into Time?

that is wisdom,

knowing what has come, and what will come

being able to see the cycles in all things …

the patterns, the repetitions.


Learning the Art of Empathy

7 06 2007

there’s an old saying: “put yourself in someone’s else’s shoes”

how true

being able to see life from a different vantage point, being able to get outside of your own “skin”, this is a step towards a greater consciousness

but it’s not just about transferring your position into someone’s else’s …

it’s about sensing what they sense, knowing what they know …

then you realise maybe they couldn’t have done things differently, they had backed themselves into a corner over time

they had charted a certain course, and all you have seen is the end point …

then comes an understanding