Life and the One Great Work

24 08 2007

the most influential books in my life have been one-work authors

or if they wrote more than one, there was a great work

one book that summed up their whole endeavors, an outpouring of considered thought

these are the works that represent a lasting truth

and books were just the way to transmit that information

they weren’t writers as such, as a profession

the one great work



Life, and other Weighty Things

30 05 2007

Well, I’ve been away for a good month.

But I’m back, it seems, for a third attempt.

The WordPress Drug has got me good.

While I was away –

1. I used digg and reddit (social news sites) until it drove me mad with their idiocy and irrelevancy.  I’m not going back (ever!)

2. I gave up on yoga and have gone back to the piano.  Classical music (especially baroque and bach) is my drug of choice

3. I became psychic (no, not really!).  Just pulling your chain.

4. I bought a nice jacket which I wear all the time.

5. I slept a lot.

6. I ate a lot.

7. Hung around like a sponge, absorbing stuff, reading.  Seeing where the outmost boundaries of my brain are.  Where do you draw your mental boundaries?

So, third time lucky!