Fear is their Tool; there is nothing to fear! Nothing!

17 08 2007

fear causes paralysis;

fear causes doubt;

fear calls oneself into question;

in truth, there is nothing to fear;

there is order and balance in all things;

fear is the tool of those who live in fear themselves;

those in the light have nothing to fear



Attacks from Outer Space? (the next fear factor)

16 08 2007

well, we had the Muslims and terrorism to try and scare us;

lock down the citizens and pass tyrannous laws;

id cards, total surveillance and monitoring –

what’s next on the agenda?

it’s the threat from outer space,

the aliens, and ufo’s,

the ultimate race card to cause panic


Astral Travel sets You Free

13 08 2007

everyone becomes their own mystic, sage, and believer

there is no more doubt

one cannot deny experience

one cannot deny true reality

the truth will set you free


Great Suffering means Great Release

11 08 2007

I have always wondered about pain, and the meaning of pain

both physical, and the mental

how it intrudes upon consciousness, and shapes the very thinking of a person

how it constructs one person’s reality so different from another’s

the pain, disease, a chronic ailment

long term suffering, it could just be obesity

but the physical shaping of one’s mind and attitudes

is there a great release when it is all over;

like a long awaited childbirth;

life giving birth to something Noble


Disinformation: truth mixed with lies

10 08 2007

one of the most poisonous brews around is Disinformation

this is taking the Truth, and mixing it with Lies;

the aim is to Deceive, by using the Resonance of Truth;

the Truth is the Bait, to get you to swallow the Lies

it is most insidious

it is present in the Media, as well as Alternative Culture

the Truth will Always Set you Free


Raising One’s Consciousness – what is it?

8 08 2007

this is another expression from the New Age –

raising one’s consciousness;

so what is it?

is it reading spiritual books?

looking at mandalas and other sacred art?

visiting crop circles?

meditating in a quiet place?

listening to Coast to Coast?

it seems so abstract.


Life is a Movie, and you are the star

7 08 2007

enjoy the casting

admire the dramas

marvel at the scenery

have a good time